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How to Plant Hemp Seeds in Spring

If you have been considering planting your hemp seeds in spring, then here’s everything you need to know about spring planting!

We often get asked how to plant hemp seeds in spring. The first and last thing you need to remember when it comes to planting hemp in spring is soil! Your soil is the driving force behind when you plant. Once your soil is ready, you’ll be ready to plant.

In the following article, we’ll run you through getting your soil ready for that perfect spring hemp planting!

Prepping Your Soil

Conducting a soil test is always your first step. If your soil isn’t perfect, then you need to get it perfect before committing. Your soil is the foundation your entire hemp crop will be built on. Hemp usually prefers soil with a PH between 6 and 7.5. Once you get your results back from your soil test, you’ll be able to take any recommended actions.

With hemp, you need to ensure that your soil has the minerals and nutrients it needs before planting. Then, you can either manually add the required minerals or nutrients or plant a cover crop like buckwheat or alfalfa. Crop rotation is a great way to ensure you’re getting better soil for longer.

Sowing Your Hemp Seeds

Soil temperature is more important than the date when you are planting hemp. A soil temperature of 50°F with full sun is ideal. Once you have planted, you should follow up with a deep watering that will promote healthy germination. Seeds should begin sprouting within 5 to 10 days but could take up to 14 days.

It would be best to have a weekly watering schedule for your new hemp plants. Deeply watering your hemp plants in the morning or at dusk is the best way to avoid evaporation. The first six weeks are the most important for growth.

Spring Planting FAQ

  • What’s the ideal soil temperature for growing hemp? Soil with a temperature as close to 50°F as possible is recommended.
  • How much sun do hemp plants need? Hemp should always be planted in full sun.
  • When is the best time to plant hemp? Ideally, you want to be planting around April to June, but your soil temperature usually determines the exact date.
  • How long until you’ll see your hemp plants emerge? Usually about 5 to 10 days.
  • How much should I water my hemp plants? One deep watering weekly in the morning or evening is the best method to avoid the risk of evaporation.

How to Plant Hemp Seeds in Spring: Final Thoughts

It’s never a quick or easy decision on when you should or shouldn’t plant your hemp. Everyone has their own personal preferences and reasons for when they sow their crop. But, hopefully, we’ve given you some great tips and advice on how to plant hemp seeds in spring.

Fortuna Hemp offers superior products, services, education, and resources to help consumers and growers. If you have any questions about planting hemp in spring, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details. Our friendly and professional team is standing by to assist you.

You can also comment below to let us know what you think, give us your opinion, or simply get a conversation going about planting hemp in spring.


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