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T2 hemp seeds produce dependable, fast-flowering hemp plants with huge buds and copious trichome counts. By pairing Spectrum with Trump 1 (T1), our breeders have continuously grown compliant hemp plants. These CBD hemp seeds produce beautiful flowers with moderate to high CBD concentrations.

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T2 Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds - Growing Field
T2 Feminized CBD Hemp Seeds – Growing Field

T1 x Spectrum

T2 hemp seeds produce dependable, fast-flowering hemp plants with huge buds and copious trichome counts. By pairing Spectrum with Trump 1 (T1), our breeders have continuously grown compliant hemp plants with moderate to high CBD concentrations. This particular cultivar was selected for its high out-put and stable growth patterns, making T2 an excellent choice for farming hemp during short growing seasons regardless of experience or skill level.

T2 Genetics: Trump 1 x Spectrum

Our breeders have long been fond of Trump 1 genetics. The strain notoriously produces huge, resinous buds and astounding cannabinoid profiles. Boasting CBD-to-THC ratios of nearly 30:1, T1 is a highly sought cultivar among hemp growers nationwide.

Trump 1 is the child of the Wife and Afghani, both of which are popular classic hemp strains. As a pure indica cultivar, Afghani offers powerfully sedating qualities minus any narcotic effects. Its Skunk heritage inspires massive bud growth coated in thick, pungent trichomes. Additionally, The Wife contributes to a sweet, fruity flavor and high CBD concentrations. As such, T1 is a flavorful strain with an astounding appeal on the open market.

T1 is an excellent strain for soothing pain and mental discomfort. However, it can get heavy on the eyes and block productivity in some users. Hence, to right this sometimes overwhelming sensation, our breeders enlisted the help of Spectrum, a flavorful strain with relatively low cannabinoid levels and superior stress-relieving qualities.

Though its origins are unknown, Spectrum is clearly an indica-dominant strain as evident in its growth patterns and mildly sedating qualities. Moreover, it has a subtle cannabinoid content and a robust terpene profile. Hence, Spectrum is a great cultivar to grow for extraction purposes. It’s thick, resinous trichomes set apart Spectrum from other milder hemp CBD strains.

T2 Hemp Grow Patterns

T2 grows well in many different environments. She develops thick buds on her short, bushy branches and often requires additional training and support to reach her fullest potential. The plant grows medium to tall, though she does well in smaller spaces when necessary, as well. She is durable and able to withstand a variety of environmental changes without developing seeds as a stress response. Therefore, T2 is ideal for growers of all skill levels and in all environmental conditions.

As a backcross of itself, T2 has proven to be more durable than many other high CBD hemp seeds on the market today. Our breeders selected this particular cultivar for her predictability, flavor profile, and show-stopping bag appeal. Those who seek to cultivate smokable hemp flower will witness tremendous success when growing T2 CBD hemp seeds. This truly dazzling hemp strain is exactly what CBD hemp biomass buyers seek when choosing a hemp source.

Buy T2 Feminized Hemp Seeds

Hemp farmers everywhere should give T2 feminized hemp seeds a try. With a fast flowering time and an abundance of flavorful trichomes and therapeutic cannabinoids, T2 hemp seeds always produce high-quality, low-effort hemp plants that are both compliant and appealing to the average consumer.

Contact us to learn more about T2 hemp seeds or any of our other premium feminized CBD hemp seeds.

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4 reviews for T2

  1. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Growing nicely

  2. John Thomson (verified owner)

    usUnited States

    Only 10 out of 25 seeds grew so not to happy about that either cloning seems to be working so that’s a plus

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    usMaryland, United States

    Propagation was about 30%

  4. Craig Sibol (verified owner)

    usPennsylvania, United States

    Awful germination rate

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